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Tom's Personal Smoker and Grilling Barbeque Web Page Welcome to My Barbecue Smoker Page!

Tom's Smoked Salmon: A special bbq recipe!

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 OK! Here's how I make my Pastrami.

Tom's Blue Ribbon Secrets!
My smoker setup secrets revealed!

Tom's Personal Smoker and Grilling Barbeque Web Page

"BAR-B-Q, BBQ, BARBECUE, BAR-B-QUE, Barbeque, BBQ, or Bar-B-Q ... No matter how you spell it... it brings to mind tender, grilled or slowly roasted succulent meat. Whether your idea of "barbecue" is beef, pork, lamb, or links, most 'que fanatics agree with the notion that crafting the real thing is a time-consuming, time-honored process. For a good & messy, authentic Southern barbecue feast, you've gotta have just the right sauce, fixin's galore, and a good dose of barbecueing know-how. 

This page is my attempt to gather information, links, etc for all who are interested in the smoking, barbeque and grilling. Tons of good info here. What today many people call ethnic Soul Food today, is just what we used to call good ole' country cookin'. It's the way my mother taught me how to cook. The most important ingredient found in all of her cooking couldn't be bought in any grocery store though, that ingredient was love. Not just the love of cooking, but the love of the people she was cooking for. And she passed that on to me, and it is my hope to pass that onto you along with great recipies and techniques. 

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Here you'll find a host of beloved Deep South sauces, relishes and sides, plus BBQ recipes alongside more Cajun, African American, Lowcountry, Junior League, charity and church recipe collections than you can shake a stick at. From new-fangled and scarce-as-hen's-teeth recipies to smoky sauces, savory side dishes and pickles and such, there's plenty to feast on.

Yes at this site you will find BAR-B-Q SECRETS.... FROM THE BAR-B-Q MASTERS

Here I share celebrated recipes for a complete Bar-B-Q feast. At the heart of this web site are acclaimed recipes for mouthwatering beef, pork, fish, and chicken Bar-B-Q. Here you will find instructions for determining what type of cooker to use; laying a perfect fire to minimize smoke and maximize taste; preparing and using assorted dry rubs and marinades; getting a rich, marbled taste out of any cut of meat. The result is such triumphs as Grilled Pork Loin Roast, tender on the inside, golden on the outside; fresh, subtle Herbed Shrimp with Basil; Honey Mustard-Glazed Ribs that can be prepared in a snap; and Hot Sauce-Marinated Chicken. But it's not just the perfectly prepared meats and sauces on which I pay special attention. No Bar-B-Q feast would be complete without starters, salads, fixin's, slaws, and dessert. I  provide the techniques and tips that will help you have excellent BBQ. 


Please feel free to e-mail me at: with articles, tips, etc. Check back with this site often as I will update it as often as I can. Enjoy the web site!

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